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the Most Compassionate

Praise be to Allah, and may His peace and blessings be upon Muhammad,

and upon his family and companions, and all those who follow him

It's a Game
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It’s a game
That they play
شتموه لما جهلوه
(They insulted him when they didn’t know who he was)
تبعوه لما عرفوا هداه
(They became his followers when they truly knew his way)
What a shame
What they say
شتموه لما جهلوه
(They insulted him when they didn’t know who he was)
تبعوه لما عرفوا هداه
(They became his followers when they truly knew his way)
Where are you in my dreams?
You feel so close but so far
When All I want is to see
Your face in front of me
You make me chase around
Shadows in the moonlight
Only for the sunrise
To open my eyes
Makes me jump to my feet
Walk around the city streets
Hoping that I’ll find you
By my side
Then I feel your sunlight
Beautiful and so bright
Feeling I’m in your arms
For a while
Hours pass like a breeze
Moving through the palm trees
Hand in hand you and me
With your smile
شتموه لما جهلوه
(They insulted him when they didn’t know who he was)
تبعوه لما عرفوا هداه
(They became his followers when they truly knew his way)
What a shame
What they say
شتموه لما جهلوه
(They insulted him when they didn’t know who he was)
تبعوه لما عرفوا هداه
(They became his followers when they truly knew his way)
Sen benim nazli yarimsin
(You, my delicate beloved)
Sen benim gozbebegimsin
(You, the apple of my eye)
Sana gonulden baglanmisim ben
(Tied to you, at the heart)
Sen en sevdigim sevdicegimsin
(You are my deepest love, my beloved)
Ben seni bir gul gibi koklar¦m
(Inhaling your scent, just like smelling a rose)
Ask¦nla tutusur ask¦nla yanarim
(Burning inside, with the fire of your love)
Hep seni arar seni sorarim
(I always look for, and ask of you)
Sana varmak icin hayal kurar¦m
(Always dream of reaching you)
تیرا تصور میرا ہی سکوں ھے
(The very mention of you becomes my tranquility)
تیرا نام لینا میرا ھے جنوں
(To take your name, it becomes my sanity)
وہ میٹھی باتیں تیری ھی سنوں میں
(Those sweet conversations of yours I would listen too)
دنیا برا مانے تو میں کیا کروں؟
(If the world deems them offensive, what do I care?)
شتموه لما جهلوه
(They insulted him when they didn’t know who he was)
تبعوه لما عرفوا هداه
(They became his followers when they truly knew his way)
What a shame
What they say
شتموه لما جهلوه
(They insulted him when they didn’t know who he was)
تبعوه لما عرفوا هداه
(They became his followers when they truly knew his way)
I need you in my life,
Like the air with which I breathe
Salutations upon my beloved
So let them say what they want to say
Salutations upon my beloved
It’s the same game they always play
Salutations upon my beloved
I’ll turn my ears the other way
Salutations upon my beloved
It makes no difference either way
Salutations upon my beloved
It’s a game they’re always going to play
Let them say what they want to say
Salutations upon my beloved
It’s a game, It’s a game
It’s a game, It’s a game
It’s a game, It’s a game
They’re always going to play
play, play, play, play

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Friday is the best day of the week. Imam Bukhari and Muslim reported that Prophet Mohammad (P.B.U.H.) had said, "We (Muslims) came last and yet we are the first on the day of judgment. They have received the books before us (meaning Torah and Injil). We have received the book after them (meaning the Qur’an). Friday was their day to be glorified. However, they disputed on that while Allah had told us Friday is the day to glorify. Thus they will follow us. The Jews glorify Saturday, and the Christians glorify Sunday."

Also reported by Imam Muslim, Abo-Dawod, Al-Nesaii, and Al-Termithi, that Prophet Mohammad (P.B.U.H.) had said, "The best day during which the sun have risen is Friday. It is the Day Adam was created. It is the day when Adam entered paradise and also when he was taken out from it. It is also the day on which the day of judgment takes place."

Muslims are supposed to do the following on Fridays:
  • Men are obligated to participate in Friday Prayer. Allah (S.W.T.) said in Surat Al-Jumauah, (verse 9), what can be translated as, "O’ you who believe! When the call is proclaimed to Prayer on Friday hasten earnestly to the remembrance of Allah, and leave off business. That is best for you if you but knew."
In addition, prophet Mohammad (P.B.U.H.) had warned from not attending Friday Prayer. Imam Muslim and Ahmad had reported that Prophet Mohammad (P.B.U.H.) said about people who do not attend Friday Prayer, "I wanted to ask a man to lead people in the prayer so that I may go and burn houses of men who did not attend the Friday Prayer with us" He also said reported by Imam Muslim, Ahmad and An-Nesaii, "Either they (meaning people who do not attend the Friday prayer) stop neglecting Friday prayers or Allah will set a seal on their hearts so they can not find the right path again." In another authentic hadith reported by Abu Dawod, Termithi, An-Nesaii, and Ibn-Majah, that the prophet (P.B.U.H.) said, "Who ever does not attend three Friday prayers, (without a valid excuse) Allah will set a seal on his heart"
  • It is also recommended to increase supplication especially at the last hour of the day since it is the hour when requests are replied by Allah. In an authentic hadith reported by Imam An-Nesaii, Abu-Dawod, and Al-hakim, that the prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) said, "Friday has 12 hours, one of which is the hour where cries are granted for Muslim believers. This hour is sought at the last hour after Asar."
  • It is encouraged to wish peace be upon prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H.) during Fridays and Friday’s night because of an authentic hadith reported by Imam Abu-Dawod, An-Nesaii, and Ibn-Majah, that the Prophet Muhammed (P.B.U.H.) said, "The best day is Friday. On Friday Adam was created, and died. On Friday is the first time the trumpet is blown (meaning when every creature dies) and the second time the trumpet is blown (referring to resurrection). So increase the number of times you wish peace upon me since this prayer will be shown to me." They asked him, How will our prayers be shown to you after you have vanished. He replied, "Allah has prohibited earth to cause the body of prophets to decay."
  • It is also recommended that Muslims recite surat Al-Kahf, because of the authentic hadith reported by Imam Al-Baihaqee, and Al-Hakim, that the prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H.) had said, "Who ever recites surat Al-Kahf on Friday, Allah will give him a light to the next Friday."
  • It is also recommended that Muslims clean and wash themselves and make sure they smell nice when they attend Friday Prayers. Imam Muslim and Bukhari reported that the prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H.) said, "Every Muslim is obligated to wash on Fridays and wear his best cloth. Also, he should use perfume if he has any."
  • It is important to come early to the Friday prayer. All of the hadith collectors, except Ibn-Majah, reported in an authentic hadith that the prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) said, "If one washes himself and then went to Friday Prayer, it is considered as if he donated a camel for the sake of Allah. However, If he went in the second hour then it is considered as if he donated a cow and if the third hour then as if he donated a big sheep and if the fourth hour then as if he donated a chicken and if the fifth hour then as if he donated an egg. Then when the Imam starts delivering the speech the angels come and listen to it." Also in anther authentic hadith reported by Imam Abu-Dawod that the Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H.) said, "On Friday the angels come to stand on the doors of the mosque (masjid), the angels record who comes first, if the Imam starts delivering the speech, the angles close their files and come to listen to the speech."
  • It is forbidden to work on Fridays after the call for the prayer was announced because Allah says in surat Al-Jumu’ah, (verse 9), what can be translated as, "When the call is proclaimed to prayer on Friday hasten earnestly to the remembrance of Allah, and leave off business."
  • Also, it is forbidden to talk during the Khutbah. Several sayings of prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) covers this subject. In an authentic hadith reported by (the group of Ahadith collectors), except Ibn-Majah that prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) said, "If you told your friend to pay attention on Friday while the Imam is delivering the speech then you committed a sin of vain talk." Another authentic hadith which was reported by Imam Ibn-Majah and Attermizi that prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H.) said, "Even who touches the gravel on the floor then he committed vain talk, and he who does commit that there will be no (Jumuah) Friday for him."
  • It is also disliked to walk between sitting people during Friday gathering unless there is an empty spot to fill. In an authentic hadith reported by Imam Abu-Dawod, An-Nesaii, and Ahmad that, A man came and started walking between people during a Friday gathering while Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) was delivering his speech, so the Prophet told him, "Sit because you caused harm to other people and came in late."
  • It was not legislated to consider Friday as a day off and not work during it. Because Allah (S.W.T.) said in surat Al-Jumu’ah, (verse 10), what can be translated as, "And when the prayer is finished, then you may disperse through the land and seek of the bounty of Allah." It was not a habit of any of the companions to consider Friday as a day to take off work. On the contrary Imam Al-Malek said, "It is disliked to take Friday off since we will be resembling the Jews and Christians for taking, respectively, Saturday or Sunday off."
  • Finally , there are two important matters for us in this country to be cautioned of. First of all, we must not neglect Friday Prayers because of work, study, or other matters. Every Muslims should make attending Friday Prayer as his top priority. It is important to do so since ignoring it three times with no valid reason will cause the heart to be sealed from the right path.
  • The second matter to watch for is the loosing of one’s interest in the importance of Friday. This is especially important for the growing generation who are used to the concept of weekend being Saturday and Sunday and know almost nothing about the importance of Friday in the eyes of Muslims. So it is our duty to remind them and ourselves about this great day which is the best day of the week and try to spend it according to Islamic teaching. 

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May the blessings of Allah fill your life with pleasure and open all the doors of success now and always

Eid is fun and great
It's time to celebrate

Eid Mubarak to everyone come on

Let's have lots of fun!

Everyone's going to the mosque to pray

People are grateful, it's a special day.

"Mmmm"... the taste of the delicious food

Really puts you in a good mood.

Everybody's wearing their posh clothes

And the guys are cruising in their
Flashy cars on the roads.

Children opening their gifts with smiles

On their faces and having fun going
Out to different places.

All of a sudden the day comes to an end

Well what can I say...
Thank you for a lovely day!!!

by Shaz and Taz, High Wycombe.

Why the name 'Ramadan'?
Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him and his progeny) said:
"Surely, the month of Ramadan has been named so because 
it scorches away the sins." 
Kanz al-Ummal, H: 23688

Ramadan: The Name of God

Imam Sadiq (A.S.) has said: Say not, "This is Ramadan" and "Ramadan has 
departed" and "Ramadan has arrived" for surely, Ramadan is one of the 
names of Allah, The Mighty, the Glorious, who neither arrives nor departs. 
Surely, arrives and departs that, which is ephemeral, Instead say: 
"The month of Ramadan". Al-Kafi, 4, pg. 70

Ramadan: The Month of Revelation of the Holy Quran

Imam Reza (A.S.) has said: If one asks, "Why is it that the fasts were made 
obligatory exclusively in the month of Ramadan and not in the other months?" 
it would be said, "(this is) because the month of Ramadan is the month in 
which Allah, the Exalted, had revealed the Holy Quran." 
Bihar al-Anwar, vol. 18, pg. 190

Reward for Recitation of the Holy Quran during Ramadan

Imam Reza (A.S.) has said: "Someone who recites one verse from the Book of Allah, 
The Mighty, The Glorious, in the month of Ramadan, is like one who has recited 
the entire Holy Quran in the other months." 
Bihar al-Anwar, vol. 93, pg. 344

Sometimes Allah puts you through pain, so He can test you to see if this brings you closer to Him. If it brings you closer to Him then your reward in Heaven is going to make all the pain you had to endure in this world seem very insignificant. Keeping striving and don't let the small distractions of this world lead you astray!

Allah sends the best things when you are ready for them. Remain patient and be steadfast in the path of Allah, for surely Allah never fails to accomplish his purpose. You are part of greater plan that you do not have the vision and the knowledge to understand. You can only surrender yourself to Him, thank Him, and let Him bless your life with treasures you never could have attained on your own. His plan is the ultimate plan, and His plan is the best plan. When the time is right, His plan will manifest into your life, and all the wait will have been well worth it!

“Oh Allah, verily the time of Dhuha is but Your time of Dhuha, all beauty is but Your beauty, all strength is but Your strength, all power is but Your power and all protection is but Your protection.”

”Oh Allah, if my rezqi is still in the the skies, please let if down and if it’s still in the ground, please let it out. Please make it easier if it is hard, if it is haraam please make it halal and please make it nearer if it is still far away. The blessings of the time of Dhuha, Your greatness, Your beauty, Your strength and Your power; bestow upon us all that you have bestowed unto Your righteous servants.”

The morning prayer

It is also known by the names 1) Sibhat al-Duha (Sibha meaning supererogatory; Duha meaning morning), 2) Salat al-Awwabin (meaning Prayer of the oft-returning – this term is also related to the word “tawba” which means ‘to repent’); this prayer is usually referred to as Salat al-Awwabin when it is prayed in mid-morning about one or two hours prior to Dhuhr, 3) Salat al-Ishraq (meaning Sunrise prayer – think of shurooq as sunrise), and 4) Salat al-Fath (meaning the Victory Prayer because the Prophet Muhammad (SAWS) prayed this upon entering Makkah and so this has become the sunnah of military leaders when entering a newly conquered region.)

 Abu Dharr (May Allah be pleased with him)reported: The Prophet (PBUH) said, "In the morning, charity is due on every joint bone of the body of everyone of you. Every utterance of Allah's Glorification (i.e., saying Subhan Allah) is an act of charity, and every utterance of His Praise (i.e., saying Al-hamdu lillah) is an act of charity and every utterance of declaration of His Greatness (i.e., saying La ilaha illAllah) is an act of charity; and enjoining M`aruf (good) is an act of charity, and forbidding Munkar (evil) is an act of charity, and two Rak`ah Duha prayers which one performs in the forenoon is equal to all this (in reward).''[Muslim]. 

Salat al-Duha is a Sunnah Mu’akkada which means that it is an emphasized or recommended sunnah. Abu Hurayra (by Ahmed in his musnad) narrated “My beloved instructed me never to leave three things until I die: fasting three days a month, praying Salat al-Witr before sleep, and praying 2 rak’ats of Salat al-Duha, which is Salat al-Awwabin.” The preferred time for it begins after one-quarter of the day has passed. On the day of `Eid, it is preferable to pray al-Duha before Salat al-`Eid.  

Zaid bin Arqam (May Allah be pleased with him) reported:  "The Salat of the penitent is to be observed when the young ones of camels feel the heat of the sun (i.e., when it becomes very hot).''[Muslim]. 



Great news! Sami Yusuf will be performing live in the East Asian region, in Singapore and Malaysia.


The multimillion selling star who “packs stadiums in Los Angeles, Paris and Damascus and causes traffic jams in Turkey”, is set to perform for the very first time in Singapore 8th July 2012 and Malaysia 14th July, 2012 at Stadium Malawati Shah Alam.

His fans, who have long been waiting for the 31-year old singer-songwriter, composer, producer and accomplished musician, will be the first to be treated to his latest album, ‘SALAAM’, hence, the tour “Konsert Salaam Sami Yusuf”. This shall be the fourth in a series of internationally acclaimed albums, ‘Al-Muallim’, ‘My Ummah’ and ‘Wherever You Are’ that have collectively sold a well over 12 million copies worldwide. Sami has sung these albums in a multitude of languages, including English, Malay, Arabic and Turkish and have featured hugely successful collaborations with artists such as the rock legend Ian Brown, Conner Reeves, Turkish diva Sezen Aksu and South African choir, best known for their hauntingly hypnotic Oscar-winning performance for the soundtrack of Disney’s ‘The Lion King’.

Hailed as “The Biggest name in Muslim Music – anywhere” by The Independent, Sami has constantly headlined the BBC, CNN, ABC, Al Jazeera, not to mention every mainstream channel in the Middle East and Turkey. He is one of the only three musicians in the world to be ever awarded with the prestigious Doctor of Letters Award in recognition of his “extraordinary contribution to the field of music”. The scope of his charitable endeavors recently expanded when Sami was chosen alongside Sean Penn and Sheryl Crow as the United Nations Celebrity Partner for World Food Programme (WFP).

Sami will soon launch his own label with the name of Andante Records to support and guide the talented youth who promise a bright future for music.
“I’m honored and delighted to be given such a warm reception. I’ve been waiting to perform in Malaysia for the past 8 years. It is going to be a very special show”, Sami Yusuf said at the Konsert Salaam Sami Yusuf Press Conference.

The Konsert Salaam Sami Yusuf will feature an exclusive duet with Malaysian Diva, Datuk Siti Nurhaliza and performance on a multitude of traditional musical instruments by MOHRAM.

Konsert Salaam Sami Yusuf is organized by OFFSHORE ENTERTAINMENT PRODUCTION.

The tickets are now on sale and can be purchased  for Malaysia 

and for Singapore


Smile-The Weapon of Islam!

What is a Smile? 

In Physiology , a smile is a facial expression formed by flexing the muscles most notably near both ends of the mouth. The smile can be also around the eyes. In Psychology, smile is an impulse response to some situation that consequently takes us back to the emotionally stable state (this one I coined myself). One more way to define smile is, a way of welcoming any person or thing or situation in life . 

Smile : Naturally Taught Many people think that a person learns to smile as he learns to speak. But there are evidences of a baby smiling in a mother’s womb.  Also we know that blind people smile too hence proving that smile is Naturally taught just as crying as naturally taught. A baby comes to this world already aware of the art of crying. 

He who smiled the most Rasulullah (S.A.W): Abdullah ibn Haarith, radi Allahu 'anhu, said, "I have never seen any one who smiled more than Allah's Messenger." (JAMI TIRMIDHI) Jarir, radi Allahu 'anhu, reported: "Since I embraced Islam Allah's Messenger (may peace be upon him) never refused to see me and he did not see me but with a smile on his face." (SAHIH MUSLIM) 

Why don’t we Smile? Why do we save our smiles when our Ideal (S.A.W) used to smile the most? We see that people who are religious tend to have serious faces , they hardly smile. I’ve heard people relating the incidents of lives of saints who didn’t smile their whole life. Let us change this concept. Ideal for us is the Life of the Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W). Islam does not stop us from smiling in fact it encourages. It gives us reasons to smile. So beautify your faces with a smile. 

The smallest distance between two people is smile. What does it take to Smile? We hardly have to move a muscle to smile but the effect a smile has is tremendous. It can win the hearts. It can take care of very tense situations. Smile begets smile. Smile, and the world will smile back at you. Smile at the nature and the nature will smile back at you. Smile is a good way to express your pleasure. Actions speak louder than words. How often you find it so hard to express your Love for some, your pleasure on some happening. A smile would do just the thing. Like a couplet in urdu says Aansu chalak paray to kuch laj raeh gae Azhaar e gham ka werna saleeka na tha mujhay ( Translation : Tears felt and hence saved my honour, otherwise I didn’t knew how to express my sorrow ) Smile : An invitation to Truth A smile is the light in your window that tells others that there is a caring, sharing person inside. 

Everyone loves a SMILE in a society full of Love and Peace. Islam teaches us to build societies bases on loved and sincerity but unfortunately we are not presenting the Islam the way it should be. Holy Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) was so kind and loving. Anyone could come and speak up his heart in front of the prophet. Prophet’s (S.A.W) smile would have a soothing effect on the hearts of the people. We have to base our society on the same principles of Love ,affection and sincerity and people will come it on their own. 

Let’s start building that society by greeting others, giving gifts and exchanging smiles. Even a Smile ! Prophet Muhammad S.A.W said, “Smiling in the face of your brother is charity (Sadaqa)”(JAMI TIRMIDHI).Hadrat Ibn 'Abbas (God be pleased with him) relates that the Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) observed: "The pious offspring who casts a single look of affection at his parents receives a reward from God equal to the reward of an accepted Hajj." (SAHIH MUSLIM) 

So why waste your time in frowns when Smile gives you a way to follow the Sunnah, win the hearts of others, earn good deeds and give charity.

The prophets of Allah often had a tough time getting their people to listen to them, and Prophet Nuh (Alayhis Salam) was no exception. His people had been going very far astray, they worshipped idols, and many of them were so involved with their material well being that they forgot about their souls. Therefore Allah sent Prophet Nuh (Alayhis Salam) to his people with a message.

Prophet Nuh’s Message

The prophet Nuh’s (Alayhis Salam) message was a simple one. He said that they should worship Allah and serve none but Allah.

After the death of Prophet Enoch (Idris) several events occurred over time that led humans to commit blasphemy for the first time.  There were five pious people whose names are mentioned in Surat Nuh, verse 23.  They were Wadd, Suwa^, Yaghuth, Ya^uq, and Nasr. After their death, Satan came to the people in the shape of a man and told them to build statues of these five men.  The people responded to the whispers of the devil and built these statues to remember and honor these five good men.  After a long period of time Satan reappeared.  Ignorance had spread widely and many tribulations had occurred among the people.  The statues had become very common among the people.  

When Satan came again, to a later generation, he ordered the people to worship these statues and told them falsely that their ancestors had worshipped these statues too.  

God sent Prophet Noah (Nuh) to these people and ordered him to warn them against a severe torture that would befall them if they do not return to Islam.  

The time span between Enoch (Idris) and Noah is one thousand years, known as the first era of ignorance.  In these years, the first blasphemy was committed and became widespread spread among humans.  Noah was the first Prophet and Messenger sent to the blasphemers.

Prophet Noah said to his people, “O my people worship God for He is the only One Who deserves to be worshipped.”  He said, “if you do not repent and leave out blasphemy, then await for a day in which a severe torture will come upon you,”. He constantly reminded them of the great rewards of being Muslims. Unfortunately, most people did not respond to his call and consequently did not come back to Islam. 

Often the leaders would say that Prophet Nuh (Alayhis Salam) was crazy. At other times the leaders of those who didn’t believe would say, “You are just a man, no different from us, no angel, so how can you carry a message from Allah?”

Prophet Noah spent 950 years calling the people to come back to Islam.  Only about 80 believed in Prophet Noah. The people were extremely harsh to Prophet Noah, and inflicted a lot of harm on him.  They were so nasty that they once tried to strangle him, until he fainted.  Each century exercised more enmity to Prophet Noah and his followers than the previous one.  

Prophet Noah told his people, “My role is to convey, but God is the only One Who creates the guidance in the hearts of the people.”  Prophet Noah did not get despaired even though only a few people responded to his call. But when God revealed to Prophet Noah that no one else of his people would believe he supplicated to God to destroy all those who did not believe, a supplication which was fulfilled by Allah.

God ordered Prophet Noah to build an ark.  Prophet Noah gathered the wood, tar, and iron for that ark.  The people mocked Prophet Noah for building an ark on a dry land and away from water.  God ordered Noah that when he sees a sign to start loading the ark.  The sign was seeing water flowing out of an oven made of stones that belonged to Lady Eve.  

God sent the rain from the sky and as a result the beasts gathered near the ark.  Prophet Noah took a pair of male and female of each kind of animal.  The believers also went on the ark.  Water sprang out of Earth in large quantities causing the Ark to rise. The rain fell in great masses like mountains as described in the Qur’an. After six months the rain stopped and the Earth started swallowing the water after which the Ark rested on Mount al-Judiy in Iraq. (Allahualam)

God protected Prophet Noah and his believing followers, and inflicted the punishment on the blasphemers.  All the blasphemers drowned including the son of Noah, Kan^an.  

It was narrated that when Prophet Noah was about to die, he was asked the following question by the angels, “How did you feel your stay on earth for so many years?”  Prophet Noah replied, “I saw this life on Earth like a house with two doors. I entered through one door and I left through the other.”  He meant that it went so quickly.  

Allah knows best. 

Among the major sins is disobedience to parents

Narrated by Abu Bakar (ra) Allah's messenger. Rasulullah (saw) said: "Shall I inform you of the greatest sins and in another variation he repeated this three times. We the companions said, "Certainly, O messenger of Allah! He (saw) said: "Associating anyone with Allah, disobedience to parents". The prophet sat up straight after he had reclined and added, "And I warn you against false utterance and false witness, "And I warn you against false utterance and false witness". The messenger of Allah (saw) kept saying that warning until we thought that he would not stop". Bukhari & Muslim

  Sami Yusuf - Forgotten Promises

Buy now (US$0.99) and help save lives in the Horn of Africa:


Learn more about the LiveFeed campaign by visiting


Sami Yusuf Calls On The World To Remember And Support The Horn Of Africa

DUBAI - Internationally acclaimed artist Sami Yusuf appealed today to the media and donors not to forget the people of the Horn of Africa crisis facing hunger and, in some areas, the continuing impact of the worst drought in 60 years.

“Most victims are Somali families, who continue to run away from conflicts and drought affecting their country and, when lucky, find themselves in refugee camps in Kenya and Ethiopia,” said Sami Yusuf, a Celebrity Partner for the UN World Food Programme (WFP), during a press conference in Dubai. “They never asked to be there; our conscience and humanity cannot allow us to let those people down.”

The British singer and composer dedicated his latest song “Forgotten Promises” to the fight against hunger in the Horn of Africa.  The song is at the heart of a unique fundraising campaign entitled LiveFeed.  All proceeds will be donated to WFP to help sustain and scale-up its relief efforts in the region, where millions of lives and livelihoods are still being threatened.

Yusuf’s initiative, through his partnership with WFP, aims at reviving donors’ interest to help WFP address the severe food crisis. The multi-talented artist, who has millions of dedicated followers, said he will continue to address the wider cause of fighting hunger through his music.

 “I chose this fight because I find it unbearable that one in seven people in the world still goes hungry to bed every night, and that five million children die of hunger-related causes every year,” he said. “Hunger is a solvable problem. From the moment we know that, we have to do something about it.” 

LiveFeed offers people the opportunity to fight hunger in the Horn of Africa by downloading the song, or making a direct donation online through With each song downloaded at US$0.99, WFP is able to feed two people in the Horn of Africa for a day. 

The CD version of “Forgotten Promises” will hit music stands across the Middle East in the coming days, enabling Yusuf’s fans and ‘LiveFeed’ supporters to help feed five people in the drought-stricken region with each CD purchased.
During the press event hosted by the Kempinski Hotel Mall of the Emirates, the music video of “Forgotten Promises” was revealed for the first time to the media. Directed by music video director Siros Kerdouni and filmed in 16 cities across the globe, the video includes scenes featuring Sami Yusuf playing the piano in the middle of the desert and in the empty streets of Sharjah in the United Arab Emirates, which were cleared especially for the video shoot. 

Also present at the event were senior representatives from the UAE Red Crescent Authority, WFP’s local charity partner for this campaign; Al Aroud Group and RUS Aviation, the campaign’s main sponsors; and JWT, the communications agency behind the LiveFeed creative concept.
WFP is providing food assistance to nearly 8 million people in the Horn of Africa. The situation however remains dire, particularly in central and southern Somalia. 

“Significant progress on the ground has been made over the past few months with WFP’s food assistance but we still need to reach out to millions of people and most importantly to help support these communities in their efforts to rebuild their shattered lives,” said Ashraf Hamouda, WFP Head of Partnership and Business Development for the Middle East, North Africa and the Gulf region. 

credit and source:-  World Food Programme

The Horn of Africa (alternatively Northeast Africa, and sometimes Somali Peninsula; shortened to HOA) is a peninsula in East Africa that juts hundreds of kilometers into the Arabian Sea and lies along the southern side of the Gulf of Aden. It is the easternmost projection of the African continent. Referred to in medieval times as Bilad al Barbar ("Land of the Berbers"), the Horn of Africa denotes the region containing the countries of Eritrea, Djibouti, Ethiopia and Somalia.  It covers approximately 2,000,000 km² (770,000 sq mi) and is inhabited by roughly 100 million people (Ethiopia: 85 million, Somalia: 9.3 million, Eritrea: 5.2 million, and Djibouti: 0.86 million).

Since mid-July 2011, a severe drought has been affecting the entire East Africa region. Said to be "the worst in 60 years",the drought has caused a severe food crisis across Somalia, Ethiopia and Kenya that threatens the livelihood of 13 million people. Many refugees from southern Somalia have fled to neighboring Kenya and Ethiopia, where crowded, unsanitary conditions together with severe malnutrition have led to a large number of deaths. Other countries in and around the Horn of Africa, including Djibouti, Sudan, South Sudan and parts of Uganda, are also affected by a food crisis.



It was narrated from Abu Hurairah (may Allah be pleased with him) that the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said: “There is no day on which the people get up but two angels come down and one of them says, ‘O Allah, give in compensation to the one who spends (in charity),’ and the other says, ‘O Allah, destroy the one who withholds.’”  
Narrated by al-Bukhaari, 1374; Muslim, 1010.

There are so many noble organisations out there campaigning for this food crisis, may I share one of them: 

Sami Yusuf - "I’ve been given the privilege of working with the UN World Food Programme in campaigning for aid for the drought-hit Horn of Africa and the surrounding regions. The culmination of this project, I’m proud to say, is my new single, “Forgotten Promises” a song that for the very first time (to the best of my knowledge) incorporates full human body percusion. “Forgotten Promises”, I’m proud to say, will be released on the 17th of December. All proceeds will be donated to the WFP in support of their humanitarian operations in the Horn of Africa."