In the Name of Allah, the Most Merciful,

the Most Compassionate

Praise be to Allah, and may His peace and blessings be upon Muhammad,

and upon his family and companions, and all those who follow him

  • 570 AD Muhammad ibn Abdullah was born in Mecca
  • Abd Allah, Muhammad's father, belonged to the tribe of Fihr, or the Quarish
  • His father passed away before his birth and his mother died when he was six
  • Muhammad went first to live with his grandfather Abd al-Muttalib who also passed away and then lived with his uncle Abu Talib
  • To support himself he shepherded sheep
  • His parents' early demise signified that he had received a scanty education
  • When he was 25, he was employed by Khadija, a wealthy widow
  • His role was act as her agent, to negotiate, her business transactions
  • Very soon after they married. She was 40. They were wed for over 25 years until her death. During her lifetime Muhammad married no other wife
  • Muhammad and Khadija had two sons, both of which died very young and four daughters. Fatima, was more renowned, because she married Ali: Muhammad's cousin
  • Muhammad loved the colour green: he always wore a green turban which thereafter, became the colour of turbans, worn by ruling Caliphs
  • When Muhammad conquered Mecca, he was holding the Holy banner which was green with golden embroidery

The Spread of Islam

One of the most astounding facts about the prophet muhammad: A hundred years after the death of the prophet Muhammad, the Islamic faith was disseminated to Egypt and to North Africa. Its most western sweep was taking the Iberian Peninsula and its most eastern sweep was Sassanian Persia. 

The reign of Moorish Spain lasted over seven hundred years. Historic Cordoba situated in Andalucia Spain was where Caliphal Cordoba centered on Caliphal Architecture. The Caliphal city of Madinat-az-Zahra along with the last European monumental city of Islamic Architecture: the Alhambra Granada Spain are but a few highlights of the glory of Islamic al-Andalusia.



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