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Published: Nov 18, 2010 00:15 Updated: Nov 18, 2010 00:40

Abdullah urges Muslims of the world to bury differences

MINA: Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah has made a passionate call to the Muslims of the world to bury their differences and unite.

“Last Haj season I spoke to you about the importance of interfaith dialogue and Saudi Arabia’s call was received well by the international community. This time we are in need of a dialogue within the ummah to abandon divisions, ignorance and immoderation which are major obstacles in the way of Muslims achieving their aspirations,” said King Abdullah in a message to Haj pilgrims this year.

“The terror that threatens the world is attributed to Muslims while it is caused by extremists who are outside the scope of the tolerant religion of Islam. The perpetrators of terror represent none but themselves even though they appear in the guise of Islam, which is, in fact, far away from them,” he added.

The king called on Arabs and Muslims — both their leaders and people — to hold fast to the rope of Allah and abandon their differences and sectarianism so that no enemy of the ummah can take advantage of their disunity.

The king appealed to the people of different religions, creeds and civilizations to narrow down their differences by reinforcing the common values shared by all.

“On this momentous occasion I call on you and everyone who hears my words, whoever it may be, to look at the common points of different religions, creeds and cultures and to stress the shared principles in order that we sidestep our differences, narrow the distance between us and build a world dominated by peace and understanding, enjoying progress and prosperity,” the king said in a message reported by the Saudi Press Agency.

“The objective of your brothers in Saudi Arabia is to preserve the glory of Islam as well as offering humanitarian service to all. We are optimistic about the outcome of these ideas that stamp out violence and terror,” the king said.

The king also declared that he would not allow anyone to disrupt the security of Haj because “the safety of the pilgrims is the prime responsibility that cannot be slackened or loosened. And we will deal with any threat with firmness and determination. We have made all preparations in terms of men and material to guarantee the security and peace of mind of pilgrims,” the king said.

“I watch with joy and delight the holy sites where pilgrims from the farthest corners of the earth converge despite their diverse cultures and traditions, brought together by their faith, and united by their religion,” the king said.

The king also wished all pilgrims a successful Haj and offered Eid Al-Adha greetings to all Muslims in the world.


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